It’s cool and blustery here in Paso Robles and harvest is coming slowly on the Central Coast.  Tonight is my annual tasting and wine pairing at Vinoteca Wine Bar on the square in Paso Robles. Chef Jeff Wiesinger is preparing three fine pairings to go with the 2007 Gold Medal Cabernet Sauvignon, the Library 2005 Mojo and the 2007 Red Zone blend.  Looking forward to seeing many old and new friends.

And if that’s not enough fun and excitement here are my September 7, numbers  from the Old School Ranch Vineyard for wine technos:

Syrah =                             23 brix @ 3.47 ph

Cabernet Sauvignon = 22.8 brix @ 3.36 ph

Grenache Noir =             21.8 brix @ 3.21 ph

Mouvedre =                      18.1 brix;  ph not tested

*Tests were conducted at Domaine Degher @ 70F with a sugar/brix refractometer and a handheld ph meter with submersible probe.

**additional tests for: brix, ph and TA will soon follow from a certified lab to verify accuracy as harvest time nears.

I shooting for brown seeds, 25 brix and 3.5 ph’s…Come On.  Let’s hope that predicted temperatures in the mid 80’s will soon reappear as many wine makers are naturally fearful of an early rainy season.